Some big changes have been happening in the burial and memorial industry as of late. Right now, a very popular trend is cremation alternatives. There are many reasons for this to be so popular right now, some of which are as follows:

It Is Cost Effective
This is rarely the only reason for choose cremation alternatives, but it is often a contributing factor for the choice. Cremation is a lot less expensive than traditional burial services. No coffin or burial plot is needed, and there is less care and expertise in preparing the body for the memorial services.

It Keeps the Loved One Close
Many choose cremation alternatives because it offers a very tangible way to keep the loved one close. The ashes can be kept in a place of honor, and this brings a lot of comfort to the bereaved. Meaningful urns are created to house the remains, and this is another ritual that offers a lot of comfort and symbolism.

It Is Environmentally Friendly
The entire country has been challenged to look for new ways to protect the environment and lessen the individual carbon footprint. Cremation is one way to do just that. It is far easier on the planet than traditional burial services. If living a green lifestyle is important to you, then this is an important point to know.

Spreading the Ashes Is Significant
Those who choose to be cremated often have a very real idea of where they want their ashes to be spread. The ritual of doing this is very symbolic and cathartic for those charged with the task. It offers another tangible way to feel close to the dearly departed. The plans for this offer a great opportunity for lovd ones to get together and celebrate the life of their loved one in a unique and personalized way.

Simplifies the Memorial Process
In traditional burial and memorial services, it can be overwhelming to work around the schedule of the mortuary and the cemetery. None of this has to be an issue when cremation is chosen. The memorial service can be held whenever and wherever you so desire. This freedom of time and space can help you create a really meaningful ceremony that pays true homage to the departed.

There are a lot of options to consider when burying a loved one, and cremation alternatives are gaining popularity for many reasons. Hopefully this post helps you understand why this would be such a positive choice for so many people.

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