A new government and alot of new faces in Canada’s election

As the dust cloud settles on the Canadian election, the landscape change in Ottawa will have many scratching their heads and others analyzing what actually took place on what many Liberal supporters will call “Black Monday” when wrote about in Liberal history books.

Conservative Stephen Harper beat back all accusations of corruption and secrecy and won a majority government. Canada now has four years of one clear political vision and has given a mandate to Mr. Harper to move Canada along into a focused direction without the threat of a coalition government taking over. What the country will look like after four years is anyone’s guess. Some have Stephen Harper as a solid economist who will steer Canada back to prosperity, and some have him as the “boogey-man” out to tear apart the social fabric of Canada.

The NDP and Jack Layton took over as the opposition of the country and now provide relevance for the NDP for the first time in Canadian federal politics. It is ironic that the man who champions socialism (communism) in Canada now moves into the temple of social housing – Stornoway.

Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals…what can we say that hasn’t already been said. They called an election with the hopes of gaining their own minority government (they were never going to get a majority) so that the Liberal party could finally move on to rebuilding. Unfortunately they underestimated the perceived arrogance of the Liberals by Canadians and have punished them by rendering them useless over the next four years.

In his speech on election night he vowed to remain on to help the party move forward; less than 12 hours later he resigned. Exactly the reason I didn’t want to vote for Ignatieff in my riding of Etobicoke Lakeshore.

Political analysts have already begun speculating whether the Liberal party will become extinct or simply merge with the NDP as the PC party and the Canadian Alliance did in 2003 to form a new party creating a two party system in Canada.

The Bloc has been decimated in the own province causing Gilles Duceppe to resign and the hippies in BC elected a Green Party representative to sit in the very back corner of the house to chirp and get her point across.

Canadian politics will be very different over this next little while but have some stability with a majority government. What will happen with everyone else remains to be seen.

I for one still believe that the Liberals can overcome this ass kicking in the election under a new leader who resonates with the voters. Hmmm…did I not predict that all of this would happen leading up to the coronation of Justin Trudeau?

The NDP will bask in the spotlight and eventually erect a bronze statue of Jack Layton on some homeless street corner in downtown Toronto but will probably return to the far back benches in the next election four years from now.

For now, the focus is on this new government full of new faces to take the will of the people and move forward. They will have challenges but fret not; Jack Layton will be there to scold Mr. Harper whenever he steps out of line. He can either beat him down with his cane, or have Ms. Chow fight his battles for him.

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