Niagara falls

if you are not familiar with this place, it is actually one of the most famous place that tourists go to when they visit Canada. The Niagara Falls has been around for thousands of years, and it actually consists of three different sets of falls, but the horseshoe is the most famous amongst all the three. This very beautiful and spectacular place is located just outside of Toronto city and it will usually take just an hour to get there. it also serves as a border between the united states and Canada, so if you have never been to the united states, you can now hit two birds with one stone, because it is fairly easy to get to the other side. You can take a car to the boarder where officials will ask you for your identification. Also, if you have wanted to visit New York for a while now, New York City is just 30 minutes to an hour away from buffalo New York. Buffalo is just across the boarder when you enter the United States. So as you can see, you could be visiting so many places and all at your own convenience.